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Hope you are settling into the New Year nicely. After a busy December I need to give my vocals a rest and have decided to take it easy this month. Don't despair, I do have few gigs lined up... I couldn't go an entire month without singing at all. 


This week I'm performing at The Glass House, New Malden; that's Friday 8th January. I've been making adjustments to my live set-up so I'm REALLY excited about giving my gear a test-drive. The sound's gonna be punchier and clearer so, even if it's just to enjoy the sweet new tones of my speakers, it's worth coming down :P  

Other public gigs this month include: - 

Saturday 16th January - Back at The Glass House for a second stint 

Saturday 30th January - The North Star, Chessington following their recent refurbishment. It's a great pub and is always busy so this gig is not to be missed. 


As I'm resting up for the majority of this month I've taken the opportunity to delve into my archives and pull out a video that to date has never been released  ..... :( 

So why am I releasing it now?!?!? Because it was recorded in the summer, warm with clear blue skies and quite frankly... we could do with a little sunshine right now. Please enjoy the video, I give you the gift of SUN :D  ....... You might need to wrap up warm to watch it though! 
Click the image below to view the video 


  1. Whistle For The Choir

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